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- Luke Tress

The crowd included a contingent of several dozen people from “Jews For Jamaal,” a group organized by a coalition of Jewish progressive organizations -- The post Criticism of Israel and

- Jackie Hajdenberg

The company sold gift cards to raise capital. Now customers are racing to cash them in. -- The post Patis, NYC’s largest and buzziest kosher bakery chain, files for bankruptcy

- Ron Kampeas

A high-stakes election could have lasting influence on where the Democratic Party is headed, particularly on Israel policy. -- The post The Latimer-Bowman showdown in New York is a bellwether

- aseitz

Today’s daf continues our discussion of renters and landlords with a mishnah that sets up what I imagine might be ... The post Bava Metzia 116 appeared first on My

- aseitz

The Hebrew Bible contains numerous exhortations to care for disadvantaged classes in society, most notably husbandless widows and fatherless orphans. ... The post Bava Metzia 115 appeared first on My

- aseitz

According to the biblical Book of Kings, Elijah the prophet never died but, at the end of his life on ... The post Bava Metzia 114 appeared first on My